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CabCard is a safe and more convenient way to pay for a taxi ride.  It eliminates the need for cash and protects against identity theft. You can order one or more cards by clicking on the Order Card icon above or in-person at our Corporate office. Your card will be mailed or given to you when the $5.00 per card fee payment is received. CabCard is a great gift for Students, Parents, Seniors, Children, Corporate Travel, Safe Ride Home and Special Events.

Things you should know about CabCard

1. What is CabCard?

CabCard is a re-loadable prepaid card issued by Yellow Cab Co. of DC Inc. that can be used to pay for a taxi ride. Since the CabCard is prepaid you can spend up to the value placed on the card. Each time you use your card, the transaction amount is automatically deducted from the balance of the card.

2. How can I use my CabCard?

You can call for or hail a Yellow Cab of DC taxicab and use your CabCard for payment. Our dispatch cabs have mobile data terminals installed to automatically process the payment transaction.  Our non-dispatch cabs do not have mobile terminals and would have to call our office or dispatcher for transaction approval. Call us at 202-544 1212 or 202-TAXICAB for a dispatch cab. Let the Calltaker know that you are paying by CabCard. Please note that all dispatched cabs are subject to cab availability at the scheduled pickup time.

3. How do I manage my CabCard?

The card is already active when you receive it. Click on the Manage Card icon above. At the Log-in screen you can Register the Card, Reload the Card and Check the Balance. When you register the card, you will receive an e-mail message with a link to the Log-in page and a temporary password. Use the link and temporary password to Log-in and change your Password in the Profile page. The Reload and Check Balance functions do not require a Log-in. We recommend that you Register the card and bookmark the page for future use.

4. Can I order a cab online?

You can order a cab online at Enter CABCARD in the Payment Type field. Complete the online form and submit your request for an immediate trip or pre-book for a later date and time. The instructions to complete the online cab request can be viewed and downloaded on the right top of the entry form.

5. What happens if my CabCard is lost, stolen or not working?

You can report your CabCard that is lost, stolen or not working at 202-546-7900 between 8:30AM and 4:30PM Monday thru Friday and after hours at 202-546 7904. You can also e-mail us at  You will need your card number so that we can cancel your lost CabCard, issue a new one with the remaining balance from your replaced card.  The cost for replacing a lost or stolen card is $5.00

6. Is there a minimum amount needed to obtain or re-load my CabCard?

There is a $10 minimum value to load a new card. You can reload your CabCard with any amount not to exceed $100.00 for a Registered user and $50.00 for a Non-Registered user.

7. What is a Non-Registered or a Registered user?

As a Non-Registered user you can check the balance or reload your CabCard. As a Registered user in addition to checking the card balance and reloading the card you view card transaction history and also get email alerts when your card balance is near or below the minimum threshold. 

8. What happens if my taxicab trip is more than my CabCard account balance?

If the fare plus tip exceeds your available balance, the transaction will be declined. If this occurs, you can pay for part of the balance with your CabCard, and the remainder with cash or by credit card.

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